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Part Time Aerial Fitter Full Time Gaelic Footballer

Before moving over to England I was more than a part time participant in our local Gaelic football club. I wasn’t in the 1st team as this would have taken me into the professional league, not that ‘d have complained about that. I was in the third team squad and to be fair I wouldn’t have had it any other way. My job during the day was working with a local business fitting TV Aerials  for I enjoyed doing the job and the heights never bothered me. I had decided to learn as much as I could and eventually set up on my own as a Aerial & Satellite Engineer. However to do this I knew I needed to pay more attention at work to learn the job thoroughly. But there was a distraction.

It was that I was putting my heart and soul into playing Gaelic football at weekends and training most evenings. It’s not that I couldn’t perform at work due to tiredness but I was just going through the motions. In my heart I was a full time Gaelic Footballer and a part time Aerial Installer. In reality I needed to accept the truth and make the grown up decision of cutting down my time play the game. If I was ever to make enough money to stand on my own two feet and buy my own home I must set up on my own.

Aerial Installer

Out of the blue I got the opportunity to make a move over the Irish Sea to work as a TV Aerial Installer Blackpool. It was better money and the guy who was running the business was coming up for retirement in a few years. He was looking to bring a fitter on that would be able to run the company for him. I decided that this the right thing to go for and would be the stepping stone to being my own boss. Moving to Blackpool from Belfast was a bit of a culture shock. It’s not that Blackpool is busier or bigger, quite the opposite, Belfast is a large City and I was used to the business of what comes with that.

That move ended up being the best thing I did, since it powered me onto starting my own business as a TV Aerial Installer with a couple of lads working for me. I still miss playing football since there is no Gaelic football played in the UK. In my dreams I wish I could have been better at the game so that I could have played professionally. But as it is I can’t complain, since I moved I now have a lovely wife with 4 beautiful children, a life I wouldn’t swap for anything.

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Fresh Fish Recipe with a Spanish twist


Ceviche is an incredibly tasty and easy to make recipe. All you need is your favorite fresh fish, but we recommend Lemon Sole for this dish. Then you need to get some onions, tomatoes, lemon and salt & Pepper. You will cut the onions in small piece and the tomatoes too. Then you need to get the lemon juice and marinate all the ingredients in it. An hour is the optimal amount of time to cook the fish, but in half an hours it will probably be ready for consumption. This is probably the healthiest of all the recipes we have shared with you, but be careful not to use any fish that is fresh out of the water. You might end up catching a bacteria that will make you sick. The best way to guarantee quality is to buy fresh fish online @

Grouper in garlic sauce

One of the best combinations that you can use with fish is without a doubt garlic. To make the garlic sauce you need to cut your garlic in small pieces and cook it on sour cream and butter. Then you fry the fish on top of that mix. Once the fish is ready, you can remove the excess sauce, or you can decide to pour it on top of the fish, but this depends on how much you enjoy garlic in general. This dish is usually ideal with some rice and mashed potatoes too, but in some cases some sliced tomatoes are more than enough to help you cut the flavor of the garlic and give your palate a break.

Those are some of the hundreds of great and healthy meals that you can prepare with fish and general seafood. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep the use of butter, dressings and fried foods to a minimum. If you fry anything, at least make sure you use healthy oils to do it. This way your meals will truly be beneficial to you. Seafood is without a doubt the healthiest option for anyone who wants to look and feel their best.

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Moving away from Ireland and living in England


Moving away from the comfort of the country that you have come to know as your home can always be a difficult thing. There are many reasons why people move from one location to another. Some do it because they are always looking for new grounds to explore and new places to see, others because they are offered a better paying job and a better lifestyle outside of their country. Regardless of the reason, moving away from one country to another is always something that requires some adjustments in life. In this article we are going to talk about moving from Ireland to England and what you should expect from this transition.

The first thing you will notice is that life is a bit more hectic in England than it is in Ireland, but this is going to depend n the location that you move to. The biggest difference will probably be felt if you move to London. There is a lot more going on in this Capital than you would ever see happening in most other capital cities in Great Britain. You are probably going to be able to adapt to the change of pace fairly fast, but do keep this in mind when you decide to move.

If you already have a job waiting for you, then you really have nothing to worry about as long as you know the kind of expenses that you will need to be taking care of. The cost of living in both countries is similar in many ways, but the safest areas in London can be rather expensive, so you better be aware of your budget before you even consider renting a place.

You also need to make a transition in the currency you use. In Ireland people use the Euro, but in England the Pound is the currency of the nation. You have to make sure that you can keep that in mind when you arrive.

When it comes to the personality of the people in both countries, you will find that the English are more likely to keep to themselves, while the Irish are more talkative and more likely to get involved in conversations with total strangers. This is something that make you feel a bit homesick at first, but you should not take this personally. This is just a basic cultural difference that you will need to adjust to.

There is an incredible amount of love for football in England and whatever you do, you should never call the sport “soccer” because this is insulting to the English. If you considered the Gaelic games to be important to you, this is note even close to the devotion that most English people have to their football teams. If you want to experience a great thrill, you should to the finals of any of the top local teams.

There are no differences in the way that business is handled in England. The hours are similar and the work ethics are pretty much the same, but depending on the mind of job you have, you might have to work more hours than you would normally expect. This is going to depend entirely on the kind of work that you do.

Just keep those things in mind and you should have no problems transitioning from Ireland to England. The laws are very similar and there is no unusual law that you should be worried about breaking without knowing it. I do advice that you leant to make the best use of the subway transportation if you decide to move to London.


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